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Cybersecurity: Bytestock Partners with SonicWall

Cybersecurity: Bytestock Partners with SonicWall
Cybersecurity: Bytestock Partners with SonicWall


In a world where remote work is the norm, connectivity is essential; however, security can be compromised. Cybercriminals are intensifying their efforts, specifically targeting remote workers, and it's crucial to understand the threats we face and how to protect ourselves against them.


Identifying The Threat

Spotting cybercrime can be challenging, as threats come in various forms, including malware, phishing, ransomware, trojans, and attacks on IoT devices. These threats can range from simple computer viruses to large-scale, sophisticated attacks.

Phishing emails are also very common, making it essential for everyone to remain vigilant when clicking on links from unknown sources or opening email attachments. But that's not all; pop-ups from unknown sites can also be infected with malware or spyware, which can compromise your network.

To help navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, at Bytestock, we've partnered with SonicWall to offer the latest and most secure solutions for protecting your business network. Now, with any of our IT solutions, we're able to offer an advanced cybersecurity solution to protect your business.


2020 Cyber Threat Report

According to the midyear update to the 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, while the overall quantity of malware is decreasing, the malware being deployed is more advanced and targeted than ever before.The sophistication of modern phishing and social engineering strategies demonstrates that cybercriminals may know more about you than you realise. If they succeed in deceiving you, their threats can bypass traditional cybersecurity measures, often hiding from IT security solutions and later executing in memory, the CPU, or even hardware. This can occur in cloud services where the hardware itself runs the malicious code, potentially stealing your information.

Throughout the year 2020, SonicWall Capture ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) and RTDMI (Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection) noted substantial monthly increases in the detection of malware variants compared to the previous year. Together, these tools identified 315,395 new malware variants in the first half of 2020, representing a 62% increase compared to the same period in 2019. These included threats that exhibit no malicious behaviour and conceal their payloads through encryption.

Additionally, there was a staggering 176% increase in the number of malicious Office files, some capable of evading signature-based anti-malware engines and obstructing sandbox debugging and analysis. These seemingly innocuous files, which you might receive during your workday, can lead to data theft, ransomware infections, and more.


Bytestock X SonicWall

SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity safeguards organisations with seamless protection. Stopping the most evasive cyberattacks across boundless exposure points and increasingly remote, mobile, and cloud-enabled workforces. 

Bytestock offers SonicWall’s Next-Gen Firewall, Secure Mobile Access, and Network Security Virtual Series. Making sure your employees are safe to work anywhere, anytime, from any device. 

To find out more about our SonicWall offerings, get in touch with us or simply send us an email and one of our dedicated account managers will get back to you. 

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