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IT procurement problems -

IT procurement problems -

Budget – Post covid requirements have increased, however budgets remain limited. How can you maximise your budget?

During and post lockdown, IT Managers have had many immediate and long-term obstacles they have needed to overcome. PC’s, Laptop’s, VPN, VOIP phones, System upgrades, the list goes on and on.

After the dust has settled, what does this mean for IT Budgets?

For some companies the continuous battle between what is a “must have” and a “need” has intensified the pressure on IT Managers to deliver extraordinary results on a shoestring budget.

There is a wide variety of options, looking at refurbished products including a previous generation could save £1000’s compared to buying retail product.

Upgrading existing hardware can be a brilliant solution to extend the life of your IT infrastructure, enabling a greater spend in key areas.

A fantastic example of maximising a budget, our customer considered new, the total price was £45k. Reviewing the solution we discussed refurbished hardware, providing onsite cover, hot spares for convenience and a 5year warranty. This solution was £23k, saving the customer nearly 50%.

Time – a resource we can never buy back, how much time can you afford to spend working on configurations and finding the best value in the marketplace?

A valuable resource that is undervalued. When you are busy it is your worst enemy, you can never buy it back and if you waste time, it can prove to be costly.

 How do you become time efficient?

When purchasing IT hardware pricing is always key factor, value for money is the real secret. If this information isn’t easily obtainable, how can you save time in acquiring it?

Working with a supplier that has value built into the price is a great start, this will enable you to spend time on the important elements, the configuration.

There are so many options to the modern server and workstation, working directly with an account manager, they can guide you through the process to find the right product. Making you time efficient from start to finish when planning for future upgrades.

Knowledge – products are consistently evolving, pricing is consistently changing due to demand, understanding the market is a full-time job, is there a quicker way to vital information?

Technology is always evolving. What was high-end with exclusive features, becomes common place on newer models.

There is the age-old issue of supply and demand, with the current market restrictions staying afloat of the current product range (15 servers in Dell 15th Generation) how much they are, lead times etc it is a full-time job.

How to find value?

If you have considered refurbished, this is a great opportunity to find value in a challenging market.

How do you compare the current generation with the previous generation?

Different components and different features. Knowing these components and differences are key to ensure the right product is ordered.

Working with an account manger to guide you through the process to present solutions that work with your budget and your requirements will generate a solution that is great value in the marketplace.

Lead Times – Stock is at a premium due to manufacturing delays, how long can you wait for your server or IT Hardware to be delivered? What impact will this have on future projects?

A huge talking point in the market is lead times, with certain products carrying a lead time of 90 days to 1 year! The impact on a business requiring this product can be huge.

Can you afford to wait?

Not every project is mission critical. We have seen with covid many projects pushed back to 2022, with supply issues this has left some infrastructure at breaking point.

What is the solution?

Depending on the scenario, rental could be a quick fix, enabling supply chains to catch up. Alternatively working with a stockist that can configure the product to order could be a perfect fit.

A prime example, recently a customer required multiple R6525 servers, with a lead time of 12+ weeks from Dell then needed a solution. We were able to provide the product and within their desired time frame, enabling the project to remain on time.

Working with an account manager they can outline the current market conditions, highlight key areas to maintain your budget and work with you to keep projects moving in the right direction.

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