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Maximising Your IT Budget Post-COVID

Maximising Your IT Budget Post-COVID
Maximising Your IT Budget Post-COVID


Post-COVID, IT requirements have surged, yet budgets remain tight. IT managers face the challenge of balancing urgent needs and long-term planning with limited funds. From PCs and laptops to VPNs and VoIP phones, the list of necessities is endless.


Navigating IT Budgets After the Pandemic

As the initial chaos settles, IT budgets are under scrutiny. The pressure on IT managers to deliver exceptional results with minimal resources has intensified. The key question is: how can you maximise your budget?

One effective strategy is to consider refurbished products. Opting for previous-generation hardware can save thousands of pounds compared to buying new. Upgrading existing hardware can also extend the life of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to allocate funds to other critical areas.

A Brief Case Study: A customer initially considered a new IT solution priced at £45k. By switching to refurbished hardware with onsite cover, hot spares, and a 5-year warranty, we delivered a solution for £23k, saving nearly 50%.


Time Management in IT Procurement

Time is a valuable yet limited resource. Efficient use of time is crucial, especially when configuring and sourcing IT hardware. Value for money is also extremely important, and working with a supplier that offers built-in value can save time. An account manager can guide you through the process, helping you find the right products efficiently. This partnership ensures you spend time on crucial elements like configuration rather than price hunting.


Keeping Up with Evolving Technology

Technology evolves rapidly, with features once exclusive now standard in newer models. Keeping up with the latest products and prices is a full-time job and understanding supply and demand in the current market is challenging.

Comparing current and previous generations requires knowledge of components and features. An account manager can help navigate these differences, ensuring you get the best value-added solution for your budget.


Managing Lead Times

Stock shortages and manufacturing delays have led to extended lead times, impacting project timelines.

Solutions: For non-critical projects, rental options can provide a temporary fix. Alternatively, working with a stockist who can configure products to order might be the perfect solution.

A Brief Case Study: A customer needed multiple R6525 servers with a 12+ week lead time from Dell. We provided the product within the desired timeframe, keeping the project on schedule.


Partner with Bytestock for Optimal Solutions

Working with an account manager at Bytestock, you can navigate current market conditions, maintain your budget, and keep projects on track. For reliable, refurbished IT hardware solutions, contact us today.

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