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NVMe - SSD, Server Storage Systems - Bytestock

NVMe - SSD, Server Storage Systems - Bytestock

What is NVMe?

Standing for non-volatile memory express, NVMe is a storage interface used to drive a direct connection to the motherboard.

Non-volatile means the storage isn’t deleted when your computer reboots and express means the data travels over the PCI Express interface of your computer’s motherboard.

It takes away the need for a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) controller as it drives a direct connection to the motherboard.

NVMe offers a greater storage throughput and lower latency and is an evolutionary step for flash storage media and memory media.

The technology

NVMe is a flash-based storage system. Usually using a SAS or serial-attached SCSI link to communicate with the media. NVMe, with its lower latency, takes advantage of the microsecond of latency from the flash arrays and eliminates bottlenecks.

With enterprise-class features, it can better equip businesses to manage extreme demands and workloads, whether you’re a small independent company through to large enterprises. Providing a better server capacity and computer performance, improving the overall user experience.

It’s important to check that the drive will be right for your system.

Things to consider

1. Can your server use NVMe?
2. If so, does it have the correct components?
3. How many NVMe drives do you need?

Not all servers have the capability to add NVMe drives in U.2 format (2.5”). As these drives use different connections and come in different forms, some servers simply don’t have the functionality to accommodate the drives.

Other servers can hold NVMe drives but might not have the right connections to the motherboard to utilise the storage. Dependent on the slot sizes and disk drives, servers may be able to accommodate a certain number of drives, but only function with a percentage of them.

If your server doesn’t work with NVMe U.2 drives, there is another option. HHHL (half-height, half-length) solid-state drives are an adapter for M.2 drives. Providing a smaller drive that can work in the PCIe slots on a server, where you’d usually put the NVMe drive.

We'll configure your server

If you’re not sure exactly what requirements and components you need, we can help. Our team are server experts and build servers to match our customers’ requirements every single day.

If you’re looking for the best storage and memory solution for a server you already have, or you need the entire build, we can work with your requirements to find you a solution.

Just because a server is brand-new, doesn’t mean it will offer you the solution you need. At Bytestock, we’re always finding configurations that make the most of each component, offering the highest power possible.

With our ‘configure to order’ offering, we can upgrade or configure your server today.

Our bestselling NVMe


Dell Intel DC P4610
Series 2.5" 1.6TB NVMe SSD Drive

58V30 SSDPE2KE016T8T
£ 400 Including VAT - £480
  • Dell Intel
  • NVMe SSD Drive
  • 2.5 inch HDD FF
  • 1.6 TB capacity
  • List Item

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