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New vs Recertified vs Refurbished - Up to 70% off MSRP - Bytestock

New vs Recertified vs Refurbished - Up to 70% off MSRP - Bytestock

Buying recertified or refurbished products = big-time savings

Bytestock carefully and thoroughly test every piece of IT hardware that enters the warehouse; once as it arrives and again before it’s shipped to the customer. We take pride in supplying high-quality, refurbished, brand-name IT hardware to our customers.  

Definition of New

Brand new, in a sealed box, and has never been used before. Everyone loves something brand-new, right? But, is it worth the cost? 

Sometimes, you’ll see brand name’s offer discounts on various products; these products are usually open box. Customers might have purchased and opened them but returned them to be re-sealed by the reseller. 

An open box cannot be sold as new. Therefore a golden opportunity for the customer, buying still-new and unused items for a discounted price.

There may be a slight tear on the packaging, but that’s the most damage the item would have. Even with a slight discount, the cost of new or open-box items are much higher than recertified and refurbished. 


Purchased and returned, these items can have scratches, dents, and visual blemishes, but the manufacturer has restored them to full operating power.

They cannot be sold with a ‘new price tag’ due to the worn-out look, but they’re still cheaper than buying new. 


Reconditioned, and fully restored back to original working condition, refurbished hardware offers performance of around 93–97% of that of a brand-new hardware. And for up to 70% off the MSRP, the cost-saving, expert decision would be to buy refurbished.  

Refurbished items from Bytestock may have visual blemishes but have been fully restored back to original working condition and work as good as new.

Why Bytestock?

Bytestock have a wide range of high-quality, refurbished brand name servers, workstation, storage arrays, parts, and components. Every piece of hardware is carefully and thoroughly tested to a strict minimum performance ratingpacked and shipped to the customer. All backed by our 5-Year Warranty as standard.  

Our dedicated account managers are on-hand to ensure you get the ideal systems and components, and an unbeatable price on your newly refurbished hardware.  

View our wide range of IT hardware here. Or, get in touch with one of our dedicated account managers and discover how much we can save you on your IT hardware bill.  

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