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A rise in demand for processors - Chip storage - Bytestock

A rise in demand for processors - Chip storage - Bytestock

Higher demands for processors

Here at Bytestock, we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for processors. Processors sit at the core of any computing device and are a key component of the system’s motherboard. This means there is always a demand for chips, but with the current shortage, we’ve seen an even bigger demand.

Chip shortage

Intel has issued a statement, warning that there will be a CPU stock shortage coming soon.

Intel is experiencing an ‘acute’ supply problem of processors for consumers. With the amount free to purchase becoming thin to the ground. Meaning, for businesses who need stock or a fair few CPUs, may expect trouble ahead on the stock front.

With this global chip storage, it’s likely to continue for up to two years, through to 2023.

What we can expect

Along with Intel’s statement, while they have confirmed the shortage is imminent, they have confirmed they will not be charging higher prices because of this. They have seen a few shortages over the years, through company changes. However, this shortage is the first time Intel does not have control over the stock issues.

This global chip storage is affecting a range of technology industries, from smartphones, graphic cards and even cars. Meaning a lot of products have been halted as they cannot be finished.

Intel has also started prioritising the production of more heavyweight processors, used by data centres and the likes, as they see larger profits. Meaning smaller, lower-end processors are likely to be inconsequential until the demand can be met.

How Bytestock can help

The team at Bytestock are constantly sourcing processors we’ve seen high demand for, to ensure we stay on top of our stock. Our sales team are computing experts, so not only can we find the processor best suited to your needs and computer. We can also suggest processors that would work just as well if there is a stock shortage on what you require.

With over 350 different processors available on our site, you’re sure to find what you need. And, if you’re not sure, our sales team are one phone call away.

Discover our range of processors, here:

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